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Front-End Development - HTML,CSS,JavaScript

In an increasingly web-based world, a business’s webpage is often its firstimpression as well as its first interaction with customers. This course is for suchcreative learners who want to kickstart their journey into FrontEndDevelopment. You will start with the very basics of HTML till the deploymentof web pages to a live server.

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Full Stack Web Development - MERN Stack

JavaScript is an accepted universal programming language since it is used forboth server-side and client-side. Because of this, there is zero need for contextswitching in MERN Stack. The main purpose of using the MERN stack is todevelop apps using JavaScript only.JavaScript is enough to operate MERNStack—making it a million times easier. These things only open possibilities forMERN Stack to grow more and more in the future, which will be highlytech-driven.

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Python Programming

Python is the best programming language for processing data in various stagesas it has the unique feature of integrating with any programming language. Soany passionate learner without any prior background can kick-start theirjourney. Our primary goal for the learner is to develop competitiveprogramming skills up to the higher end to solve the various programminglogic. Weekly Assignments to crack a 5 star badge along with 3 real-timeprojects implementation.

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Machine Learning using Python

Machine learning allows software applications to become more accurate atpredicting outcomes without being explicitly programmed to do so as it givesenterprises a view of trends in customer behaviour and business operationalpatterns, as well as supports the development of new products. This course aimsfrom understanding the usage of Statistical Functions using Python to thedeployment of Models to live servers.

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