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Last updated on Nov. 16, 2020, 2:53 p.m. 692 Views



He is a tech-expert with 7 years of industrial experience in Python, Data Analysis, Big Data, Machine Learning and NLP. He has 360 degrees of expertise in all these subjects. He is known for his practical approach to different real-time industrial problems. He is known for his great interest in helping students reach their true potential and scale greater heights. Believing in Problem-based teaching pedagogies, he left his job in Malaysia as a data engineer and came back to the newly born state to fill the void between students and the industry.


Last updated on Nov. 16, 2020, 2:53 p.m. 692 Views


Who are Data Scientists?
Data scientists are trained professionals who are responsible for collating, analyzing and scanning through huge amounts of data or information to find ways to assist any business or organization so as to develop their operations and earn a competitive profit when compared to their rivals.

Their roles and responsibility
Their roles and responsibilities would include dealing with latest and advanced technological applications, analytics, modelling, etc. to offer insights that are beyond any statistical analysis.

The responsibilities would also include running through numbers and statistics to enhance the strategies of a company or an organization which means these data scientists contribute a lot to the companies or organizations.

Data Scientists help Global Companies
Their analysis and outcomes would help the company in taking effective and impactful decisions which would benefit the employees as well as the company.
Their analysis would also involve researches to understand the workflow of each and every team in a company and where there is the scope of any improvement.
Once the analysis is completed, they need to work in their designated positions in any specific department who would assist them implementing their ideas and suggestions, upon which they can analyze and come up with the exact facts and figures how much the company is saving.

Data Scientists play a vital role in investment decision for an organization
As most of the organizations in the present day are focusing to enhance their technological aspect, these data scientists play a vital in determining and taking effective investment decisions for the organization. These data scientists are highly talented and knowledgeable who would work with you and help you in reducing the manual efforts you currently need in your process. Data Scientists can liaise with these teams to understand their nature and sensitivity of the work they do and then can research on how to make this process uniform and transparent.

Codegnan helps you to become Data Scientists
Data Scientists have to deal with predictive modelling and most of the coding structures as well as analytical applications which gradually becomes difficult for them to toggle within these applications.

Codegnan would help you to understand how to be smart to deal with these types of issues when you are working as well as would also help you to understand the necessity and workflow of these applications.

The demand for Data Scientists
The demand for these data scientists has drastically grown in the recent years as many organizations or companies have realized the necessity of technology and the reason to hire these individuals and provide the best service to the employees as well as grow as a whole when it comes to the company’s annual turnover.

Codegnan would assist you in finding these companies who are looking to hire you by giving you enough options to explore. Codegnan would also assist you in solving your projects and assignments based on any requirements and would permit you to get in touch with any professionals available who can guide you further.

Codegnan helps you in career planning
Codegnan has come up with a strategy to post videos by professional data scientists as well as some employees who have gained experience now. Codegnan would help you to plan your career and would teach you some hacks to deal with work pressure which you may come across in the future. Codegnan assists you in clearing all your fundamental doubts in order to make sure that your concept is clear when you accept any job roles.

What skills do Data Scientists have?
Data scientists are often known as the pillars to the companies who are working towards becoming technically sound and updated. These scientists must have the below skills that would drive them to achieve great success in their life:

Soft Skills
Data scientists must be aware of basic as well as an advanced level of soft skills as they have to deal with numerous teams which may involve senior management people.

This would involve intellectual curiosity along with scepticism, intuition, creativity and convincing skills in order to drive an audience’s attention towards them. Interpersonal skills are the minimum requirement for any data scientist as they would start working in their respective positions in any reputed company.

The expectation usually set any employers are quite high and they want their scientists to behave as if they are the storytellers of any data assigned to them.

They also want them to be extremely professional while delivering data insights to the audience at every single level in any organization.

Leadership skills are added advantage to steer any decision makings in the respective divisions which are driven by data in a company or an organization.

Hard Skills
These are generally the skills relating to the deep core knowledge about applications or the software.

These require knowledge about tools or platforms such as Hadoop, Python, SQL, Perl, Spark, Pig and so on, as it is required to statistically run the applications for developing user-friendly macros wherein the user can navigate through and create reports in just a few clicks. Knowledge of these applications are the basic requirements for any data scientist that the company or organization expects. This will help you in modelling, segmenting or clustering any data-driven applications.

This is the final and most important skillset that every programmer must have sufficient knowledge and expertise. Coding is the solution that every data engineer should be familiar with.

As these data engineers deal in codes or bugs on a daily basis, this is the most common thing everyone expects from them to have expertise on.

Statistical knowledge, machine learning, data modelling, operating system knowledge, command programming are few other expectations from the organization’s end that they want every data engineer to have a basic and fundamental knowledge.

Analytical and Innovative thinking employee who is working in specific teams that is related to data science is highly talented and knowledgeable.

They analyze by understanding the nature of your work and have to determine what type of technological enhancements are required to fasten your process of work using technology.

Their calibre and expertise in the technological world help in studying your technical situation and offer innovative solutions to smoothen any work that an individual does in the team.

To perform exceptionally well, a data scientist should think innovatively and have to come up with unique strategies that are out of the box.

Creatively thinking also helps a data scientist to build a workflow or model that would not only convince the audience but also helps the senior management to take effective decisions from the company’s or organization’s end.

They can assist these individuals by contributing their ideas which would help these teams to reduce the workload and save time so that liaise with multiple other teams to resolve an unlimited number of issues and take the organizational to the next level.

What is the average salary of Data Scientist?

For the individual, salary is the hot topic that they want to discuss with every company or organization.

Though their role in the different divisions may vary depending on the organization which generally affects the salary of any data scientist, the work remains quite similar for all the data scientists to some extent.

Hence, there is not much difference noticed in the range of salaries that they draw across the globe.

The average salary as per several surveys conducted across the world ranges between $60,000 to about $70,000 for a fresher while the experience definitely gets paid better depending on their previously withdrawn salary.

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