Java 15 Days Kickstart Bootcamp

The perfect for Beginners Hands-on Bootcamp to Jump-Start your career in java.
17th to 2nd Feb 2023
6pm to 8pm
Live Session

Instructed by

Venu Dasari

Senior Technical Trainer

Having morethan 6 Years of experience in IT as a Technical Trainer cum Developer.Good Domain Knowledge of concepts in C,Java,python &  Data StructuresObject-oriented software development experience using Java technologiesLearned extensively Core Java, SERVLETS, JDBC & JSP. Good understanding of MVC based web Application Development. Experience in using Eclipse and STS as IDE for developing software applications. Experience in frameworks like Spring,Hibernate. Strong understanding in Object Oriented Programming using Java.Experience in working with the presentation layer using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Proven skills in design and development of n-tier, Model View Controller architecture.

By the end of this course you’ll be able to:

Read and write complex Java applications
Whiz around the command line interface (CLI)
Manage your projects in Git & GitHub with ease
Model, build and maintain relational databases
Query databases using SQL
Think like a developer with confidence
Learn other languages/techs much easier like a boss

What you’ll learn – Java online bootcamp

Think like a coder

Learn how to learn, how to think like a dev, and how to communicate with devs, so you can solve any problem.

Tools of the Trade

Learn critical tools every programmer needs to know like GitHub, the CLI, IntelliJ IDE, and virtual environments.

Java Fundamentals

Learn Java basics + software engineering best practices, from data types to Object-Oriented Programming.

Java Advanced

Learn parallel programming, generics, lambdas, data structures & algorithms, & how to write clean, professional code.

Intro to Databases & SQL

Learn to design, build, deploy and maintain modern databases that integrate with your Java applications.

Capstone Project

Build a complex Java + SQL portfolio project(s) that showcases your skills on your GitHub portfolio.

Join the 15-Day Java Bootcamp for just ₹500


This easy to learn language is used in almost all fields, be it financial, e-commerce, enterprise, mobile, distributed, or big data applications.
Become a certified java expert in just 15 days with this bootcamp.


In this hands-on bootcamp, you will be able to code perfectly in Java only in 15 days.

1. Attend Live Bootcamp

2. Exercises as You Watch

3. Finish given Assignment

4. Learn all the Deliverables

5. Grab Your Certificate

Who Should Attend the Bootcamp?

IT Industry Professionals
Professionals in a tech adjacent role


You will start from the basics & scale your way up to become a champ in java programming language.
Join the 15-Day Java Bootcamp for just ₹500


You will start from the basics & scale your way up to become a champ in java programming language.


I made a payment but didn’t receive any email

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When is the Bootcamp?

You can get all the details related to the timings and dates of the workshop on the top of the page

What are the pre-requisites?

Laptop with proper internet connection.

Will this be live or pre-recorded?

These are completely live sessions. The Live session link will be sent to your registered Email Id on start day of the bootcamp. Would there be any certificate on completion? Can I get a refund?

Would there be any certificate on completion?

Yes! You will receive a certificate on completion of the workshop. you must finish the given assignment to earn your certificate.

Can i get a refund?

No. We don’t provide refunds in any case. If you are not sure about the bootcamp, check out the testimonials, read more about the trainer and take an informed decision. In case you miss out on attending the live class, we can send you the recording link after the class every day.

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Join the 15-Day Java Bootcamp for just ₹500
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