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Competitive Coding using Python
10 Days
Kickstart Bootcamp

Perfect for Beginners Hands-on Bootcamp to Jump-Start
your career in Python.

Instructed By.
Saketh Reddy Kallepu
C.O.O,Data Science Mentor

About Instructor

A Master in Computational Intelligence blended with a passion for nurturing the meaning of education with technology. Engaging, understanding, and knowledgeable technical trainer with over 5 years of experience in educating students, seasoned employees and new hires in the software industry. Certified as an Azure AI Engineer and a Microsoft Certified Trainer. Also adept at teaching users a variety of software programs and technologies. Dynamic communicator with excellent presentation skills, able to translate complex concepts into understandable terms using creative teaching methods. Proven track record of more than 1500 students with industry jobs in emerging technologies. With expertise in Machine Learning, Data Analytics, Natural Language Processing, he believes in teaching all functionalities to the core making his life's motto to train students to be a Data Scientist rather than a Data Engineer.
Students trained in Python and Data Science.
20 Hours
Live Classes.

Join the 10-Day Python Bootcamp for just ₹500
1st Feb to 11th Feb 2023
6pm to 8pm
Live Session

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What you will Learn in
this Bootcamp

In a Practical First approach,
this is what you will Learn

Introduction to Python
Data Types
Conditional and Control Statements
Function Models and Packages
Exception Handling
Classes and Objects
and many more
Join the 10-Day Python Bootcamp for just ₹500

Who Is This
Workshop For?


Students who are interested to learn python and implement it in multiple domains

Free Graduates

Freshers who are looking for job as python developers.


Developers who are looking into change career as python developers.


Entrepreneurs who are building their products in python programming.

Join the 10-Day Python Bootcamp for just ₹500

Python Bootcamp Curriculum

You will start from the basics & scale your way up to become a champ in Python programming language.
Join the 10-Day Python Bootcamp for just ₹500

Mini Projects

Building API with Python
Computer Vision
Data Analytics
Join the 10-Day Python Bootcamp for just ₹500

Benefits of Becoming A Python Developer

₹19 Lakhs
Experienced Python Developers earn an average of ₹19Lakhs per annum with over 10,000 job openings
2k jobs / Month
In India alone, an average of 2,000 jobs are being created every month in the field of Python Developers
Python developer is the 2nd most in-demand role for 2021 and continuing into 2022
₹5k  / Hour
Freelance Python Developes earn average of ₹5,000 ($70)/hr & the flexibility to work anytime, anywhere
Join the 10-Day Python Bootcamp for just ₹500

How Does this Bootcamp Work?

In this hands-on Bootcamp, you will start a Python mini project right from Day-3
1. Attend Live Bootcamp
2. Do exercises as you watch
3. Finish given assignment
4. Learn all the deliverables
5. Grab your certificate

Get Certified

Yes! You will be certified for this workshop
on submission of your assignment.

Official and Verified

Receive an instructor signed certificate
with institutions logo to verify your
achievements and increase your job

Easily shareable

Add the certificate to your CV or your
Resume or post it directly on LInkedin.
You can even post it on instagram and

Career shifting

Use your certificate to make life
changing shift into Python or stay
ahead in your Python career. Salaries
are among the highest in the world.

In their actual words

And many more heartfelt responses….There is nothing more happy for us than seeing a smile on a student’s face after they learn something new.

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