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Machine Learning training is designed to help you develop necessary skills that are vital to gain in-depth knowledge in supervised learning, unsupervised learning, machine learning algorithms, vector machines, and much more through real-time use cases and project-based learning. If you are an aspirant who wants to explore how a device can recognize patterns and messages from data, then machine learning with Python is an ideal start for you! We’ll prepare you to play with the army of powerful machine learning models to solve any problem.

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Machine Learning with Python Overview

The Machine Learning training by Codegnan has over 60 hours to ensure that you have the proper understanding of every concept before going to the next module. You will get acquainted with the requirement of product-based companies. The detailed overview on algorithms and techniques, such as regression, classification, time series modeling, supervised and unsupervised learning, SKLearn usage, statistical thinking, etc. Working on real-time case studies will make you understand the job aspect of a Machine Learning engineer. We assure you the great command in practicals along with theoretical concepts. So, get leveled up in Machine Learning in less investment! Your dream job is waiting for you!

Key Features

50 Hours Instructor Led Training
Self-Paced Videos
Exercises & Projects
Flexible Schedule
Lifetime Access & Upgrade
24/7 Lifetime Support

Machine Learning with Python Curriculum


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Machine Learning with Python Projects

Machine Learning Projects (6 Projects)

Medical Treatment

Currently, the interpretation of genetic mutations is being made manually. This is a very time-consuming task where a clinical pathologist must manually review and classify every single genetic mutation based on evidence from text-based clinical literature. We will build a machine learning model to organize genetic variation on Kaggle personalized medicine dataset.

Stack Overflow

The problem says that we will be provided a bunch of questions. A question in Stack Overflow contains three segments Title, Description, and Tags. Using the text in the title and description, we should suggest the tags related to the subject of the question automatically.

Taxi Demand Prediction

We will predict the demand for taxi services in new york city. To find several pickups, given location coordinates (latitude and longitude) and time, in the query region and surrounding regions.

AD Click Prediction

we will work with a marketing agency’s advertising data to develop a machine learning algorithm that predicts if a particular user will click on an advertisement.

Quora Problem

On Quora, anyone can ask any question, and there are also chances that when you go to ask your question, someone might have already answered. We will classify the duplicate question pairs on the quora platform using machine learning technique

Netflix Movie Recommendation

Building a recommendation system that recommends the movies to the Netflix users based on their interests. We will use different approaches to build the recommendation system.

Certification In This Program

Codegnan Certification for Machine Learning

Machine Learning Certification

Training on different technologies provided by Codegnan is a set of blended learning models that brings classroom learning experience with its world-class LMS. We understand the effort of students; thus, as a token of motivation, our training is honored by top leading industries like Microsoft and HP. After the successful completion of your Machine Learning course, you will be awarded Codegnan’s certification.

Can I get a job with Machine Learning certification?

We can't even imagine what will happen with the technology we'll see in the coming years, but we know we already have a lack of skilled AI and machine-learning professionals. Only when we get people educated and put in the millions of AI jobs can the gap increase. If you want to be one of those experts, get certified the sooner you start your training you will be working in this exciting and rapidly changing field.

Machine Learning with Python Trainer/s



He is a tech-expert with 7 years of industrial experience in Python, Data Analysis, Big Data, Machine Learning and NLP. He has 360 degrees of expertise in all these subjects. He is known for his practical approach to different real-time industrial problems. He is known for his great interest in helping students reach their true potential and scale greater heights. Believing in Problem-based teaching pedagogies, he left his job in Malaysia as a data engineer and came back to the newly born state to fill the void between students and the industry.



A Master in Computational Intelligence blended with a passion for nurturing the meaning of education with technology. Engaging, understanding, and knowledgeable technical trainer with over 5 years of experience in educating students, seasoned employees and new hires in the software industry. Certified as an Azure AI Engineer and a Microsoft Certified Trainer. Also adept at teaching users a variety of software programs and technologies. Dynamic communicator with excellent presentation skills, able to translate complex concepts into understandable terms using creative teaching methods. Proven track record of more than 1500 students with industry jobs in emerging technologies. With expertise in Machine Learning, Data Analytics, Natural Language Processing, he believes in teaching all functionalities to the core making his life's motto to train students to be a Data Scientist rather than a Data Engineer.

Machine Learning with Python FAQs


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