JAN 27th, 2023
6:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Master Class on

Machine Learning Live Project

Through this webinar session you can explore the latest AI & ML concepts and their applications in real-world scenarios. The session will undertake many live projects and provide experience that apply AI to practical problems.

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About the Webinar

  1. Importance of Data in 21st Century
  2. Machine Learning and it’s usecases
  3. Define and understand the real-world problem
  4. End to End Machine Learning Project Implementation
  5. Various key challenges while solving the problem
  6. Deployment of Machine Learning Project
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Saketh Reddy Kallepu

C.O.O,Data Science Mentor
A Master in Computational Intelligence blended with a passion for nurturing the meaning of education with technology. Engaging, understanding, and knowledgeable technical trainer with over 5 years of experience in educating students, seasoned employees and new hires in the software industry. Certified as an Azure AI Engineer and a Microsoft Certified Trainer. Also adept at teaching users a variety of software programs and technologies. Dynamic communicator with excellent presentation skills, able to translate complex concepts into understandable terms using creative teaching methods. Proven track record of more than 1500 students with industry jobs in emerging technologies. With expertise in Machine Learning, Data Analytics, Natural Language Processing, he believes in teaching all functionalities to the core making his life's motto to train students to be a Data Scientist rather than a Data Engineer.
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